Welcome to Bavarian Day Tours! We look forward to making your vacation special.

We are not able to provide a definitive list of the protective measures that the German and Bavarian governments have in place for the pandemic, as these measures, of course, change with the infection numbers. But we can give you a list of a few things you can expect on your visit here during the pandemic (although these are subject to change):

  • Bavarian Day Tours prioritizes health and safety during this pandemic.
  • Our vans are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before every tour
  • Hand sanitizer and spare masks are always on board
  • In Bavaria, you will need a K-95 (PPT-2) mask
  • Mask mandates will be in place for indoor areas
  • To fly into Germany, you will need to be vaccinated and have a valid test before boarding the plane
  • We have modified our tour payment schedule and cancellation policies to allow for the unexpected