Welcome to Bavarian Day Tours! We look forward to making your vacation special.

Covid-19 has affected the travel and tourism businesses as much as any industry. Bavarian Day Tours had a full calendar of bookings for 2020; then, that Spring, everything came sliding to a halt. In May 2020, at 12 Noon at Marienplatz, a time when normally several hundred people stand in unison with their smartphones set to video to record the world-famous Glockenspiel, you could almost hear a pin drop. Gradually, however, life returned in Munich throughout the summer and fall, but the travelers from overseas did not return. Another Covid wave in late autumn quashed all hopes of a resumption of travel in early 2021, a year that turned out to be deja-vu from 2020 through the end of summer.

Finally, in September 2021, the first few brave travelers made their way to Europe from Asia and the Americas. We brought them to Neuschwanstein, to Salzburg, to Rothenburg, and did many city tours. Things seemed to be starting to return towards normalcy; we even had a full slate of bookings for the Christmas Markets in December. Then, BOOM!, the next variant raised its menacing head, and the Christmas markets closed, the Christmas River Cruises got canceled, and bookings shriveled to a few determined excursionists who had more reason to stick to their plans than to stay home.

It has been a tough couple of years for us, the travel and tourism business, and for everyone. We have somehow managed to scrape through. The pandemic cannot last forever. We are, as are many of our regular customers and key travel agents, optimistic about the resurrection of travel and a return of exploration of foreign lands. If you plan on traveling to southern Germany and the alpine regions soon, we would love to show you the best this region has to offer.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bavaria!